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 Welcome To urbana!

We provide weekly residential/ commercial garbage hauling. These are common can sizes:


1- 32 gal. can @ the curb... You provide the can

1- 64 gal. can @ the curb... We provide the can- No surcharge/ Start up fees!

1- 96 gal. can @ the curb... We provide the can- No surcharge/ Start up fees!


Please call (217) 344- 3000 for pricing. Residential customers can choose curbside or full service pick- up. We also remove large piles, furniture, and yard waste. If you have something you need hauled away and are unsure if we'll take it, just call!

Important information:

* Billing is quarterly. Payment can be in the form of check or money order, or payment can be made over the phone or online. 

    If you prefer, you can receive your bill via email.


* Trash should be out for pick- up the night before your scheduled pick- up day.

              (i.e. If your pick- up day is Monday, trash should be ready for collection Sunday night)


* We collect trash on all holidays, except for Christmas Day and New Year's Day. If those holidays fall on a trash pick up day, service will

   be delayed one day.


* Urbana residents -Recycling is provided by the City of Urbana. Please call (217) 384- 2302 for details.


* Yard waste must be placed in paper refuse bags (available at most grocery and hardware stores). Stickers for collection of these bags

    are available upon request for $30/ 10 stickers. Please call (217) 344- 3000 to order.


* Any items (including extra trash bags, trash cans, furniture, etc.) outside of the regular receptacle will be billed additionally. Please call

   prior to placing these items out for collection.

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